• NC-Programmer's Assistant. It is a rich set of custom VB routines for Catia V5 machining workbench.
  • Custom post-processors(PP) are provided for converting Aptsource to machining ISO code commonly known as G-code. These custom PP offer a visual debugger for writing your own customized posts for multi-axis machines.
  • CNC Part Programming, Tooling/Fixture Design for workpiece holding
  • Precise Part modeling in Catia for any old drawings.
  • Customization/Training/Troubleshooting of Catia V5 NC-Machining
  • Build customized Machining Process catalogs for best machining practice based upon machine shop requirements/standards to save time consumed by repetitive NC programming tasks
  • Turn-key solution for specific manufacturing needs such as Combined Machining with Probing, machine-shop resources utilization, etc..
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