NC Programmer's Assistant

NC Programmer's Assistant (NPA) is a everyday tool for NC programming. It helps to keep your catprocess file organized. Also you can do lots of tasks in a matter of seconds such as renaming of MOs, renumbering of tools, making setup sheets, tool-list, and Post processing NC code using any third party post-processors. All can be done seamlessly from within Catia V5 Future release of NPA will include some customized automated toolpaths creation which is either not possible for average Catia NC-user or it takes lots of effort, skills and great amount of time etc.


Text-Engraver is a robust vb based solution for Catia NC-programmers and Designers. It gives you a simple, yet an efficient way to create and engrave text inside CATIA® V5. Creating Text from Assembly and or Machining workbench is a unique feature in Text-Engraver which is not found in any other third party apps for CATIA®. Moreover, it takes care of the part/product orientations regardless of how many levels deep your part is sitting inside the assembly structure.

CATIA® is a trademark of Dassault Systems.